Main Hall Artists

Terry Fuller


Andy Bowler,  Mark Gibson & Stephen


Chris Govier & William


Roy & Paul Priestley, & Anthony

 John Treherne

 Ginty & Jason


Clive Bilham

 Lee Hadfield, Neil, Ashley & Bradley

 Dale & Iain


Chris Jones & Sam Fisher

Dan, Kristian  & LIz


 Lee Clements & Matt

Podge & Paul


Reno & Darren


Brent & Cam

 Mac & Rod


Fil Norman & Micheal

Ami & Emile

Wendy, George & Dave




Chin & Erik Moelv





No Regrets

 Simon Ashley




Lee Denham & Kevin


Joel & Chris


JohnathanScott Pullin


Peter Quinn


Shaun Maddy


Balcony Artists

We have 2 Traditional Tattoo Artists working at the show this year on the Balcony Area. 

LawrenceAh Ching Samoan Tattooist  and Kasala Sanele

Please follow the email link below if you want to apply to work this convention.  Please include your website and any other relevant information.